🌟 Streamline Your Stump Grinding Business with Our All-in-One CRM Solution

Designed specifically for stump grinding businesses, offering essential tools to manage and grow your operations.

🌳 Choose your starting point

Basic Subscription

1. 👤 Choose either "Quote" or "Invoice" and add Customer Name
2. 💲 Choose Your Pricing from 7 Strategies
- 1️⃣ 🍺 Beer Money Bob: Cheapest
- 2️⃣ 💵 Budget Bill
- 3️⃣ 💰 Economy Ed
- 4️⃣ 🔖 Discount Dave
- 5️⃣ 💸 Affordable Andy
- 6️⃣ 💲 Reasonable Ralph
- 7️⃣ 💎 Deluxe Dan: Most expensive
3. 📏Select Stump Size
- Choose the size of the stump grind area in feet.
4. 📊Add Stumps to Quotes- Based on the complexity of the stump:
- Easy/Rotted Stumps: Quote the lowest ''Green'' price.
- Complicated/Hard Access Stumps: Quote the highest "Red" price.
- Add as many stumps as needed to the quote and calculate the total.
5. 🛠️ Up-Charge Services
- Choose if the customer would like additional services such as .Grind And Go, Grind And Rake, Grind And Dispose or Grind And Haul Off. Prices are all customizable

Pro Subscription

1. 👤 Select Your Customer
- Choose an existing customer from the dropdown menu or create a new customer profile.
2. 💲 Choose Your Pricing from 7 Strategies
- 1️⃣ 🍺 Beer Money Bob: Cheapest
- 2️⃣ 💵 Budget Bill
- 3️⃣ 💰 Economy Ed
- 4️⃣ 🔖 Discount Dave
- 5️⃣ 💸 Affordable Andy
- 6️⃣ 💲 Reasonable Ralph
- 7️⃣ 💎 Deluxe Dan: Most expensive
3. 📏Select Stump Size
- Enter the size of the stump grind area in feet.
4. 📊Add Stumps to Quotes- Based on the complexity of the stump:
- Easy/Rotted Stumps: Quote the lowest ''Green'' price.
- Complicated/Hard Access Stumps: Quote the highest "Red" price.
- Add as many stumps as needed to the quote and calculate the total.
5. 🛠️ Up-Charge Services
- Choose if the customer would like additional services such as .Grind And Go, Grind And Rake, Grind And Dispose or Grind And Haul Off. Prices are all customizable

🌟Some things you can do with this app:👥 Create and Manage Clients
Easily organize client profiles and get driving directions to their addresses.
🧾 Invoice Creation and Price Calculation
Generate professional invoices and use our specialized calculator to determine job costs. Choose from various pricing strategies, including custom options.
🛠️ Equipment Management
Keep detailed records of your equipment’s service history and expenses.
📦 Inventory Management
Track in-stock items like chainsaw chains and grinder teeth to maintain accurate inventory levels.
📝 To-Do List
Stay organized with a built-in To-Do list, ensuring you never miss important tasks.
Start with our Free Plan for 6 months. Keep it free by submitting one improvement idea or reporting one bug/error per month using the app's feedback button. Unlock all premium features with our Pro Plan for just $9/month.

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Home Screen


Pricing Strategy


Service Records

Why Choose Stump Calculator?

🌟Accurate Estimates
Feature: Precision in cost calculations for stump removal.
Benefit: Ensure you never undercharge or overcharge clients, leading to fair and profitable pricing.
Feature: Automated pricing process.
Benefit: Save time on manual calculations, allowing you to focus on more critical business tasks.
⚙️Customizable Rates
Feature: Adjustable rates based on stump size and complexity.
Benefit: Tailor pricing to each job's specific needs, providing flexibility and accuracy.
📋Professional Reports
Feature: Detailed and professional client reports.
Benefit: Enhance your professionalism and transparency with clear, comprehensive estimates.
🔗Easy Integration
Feature: Seamless integration with client management and equipment service records.
Benefit: Unified workflow with all essential tools in one place, improving efficiency.
🖥️User-Friendly Interface
Feature: Intuitive and easy-to-use design.
Benefit: Navigate and use the calculator effortlessly, even with minimal tech expertise.
📈Real-Time Updates
Feature: Immediate adjustments and calculations.
Benefit: Always have the latest information for precise and up-to-date estimates.

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Basic Free

Create: 15 Quotes/InvoicesStump Grinding Calculator: ✔️7 Pricing Strategies: ✔️1 Click Quotes/Invoices: ✔️Service Up-charge Calculator: ✔️Support: ✔️

Basic Paid $9 Month

Create: Unlimited Quotes/InvoicesStump Grinding Calculator: ✔️7 Pricing Strategies: ✔️1 Click Quotes/Invoices: ✔️Service Up-charge Calculator: ✔️Support: ✔️

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